About Us

Philip's skilled craftsmanship is at the heart of everything he makes and his pots are the embodiment of his years of experience. Slowly and carefully constructed by hand, these pieces are the ultimate expressionof traditional techniques combined with an artist's eye for beauty and proportion.

philip simmonds "It is my desire to produce work from the heart. Pots which speak deeply of beauty, completeness and which even aspire to perfection. My hands and eyes are my best tools and with these I coil, throw and hand-build pieces which can be enjoyed for generations. Always on a grand scale, my work is rooted in the traditional and yet is intrinsically contemporary; a fine balance which culminates in something enduring, something timeless. Purity of form is everything, sensitive use of colour - vital, but it is meticulous attention to detail that makes a piece sing." - Philip.


philip simmondsEssentially classical with a contemporary edge, Philip's sculptural ceramics provide a stunning focal point in a wide range of environments. The clean lines, colours and textures work wonderfully well with foliage, flora and architecture, providing year round interest as the seasons revolve. As a piece of sculpture, Philip's work has the ability to both enhance and respect an architectural setting.


philip simmondsCreating the right piece for a particular location is important. We have extensive experience, provide practical advice and regularly work with both professionals and private clients to make sculptural pieces that enhance their surroundings perfectly. Whether you are looking for statement pieces to grace a garden or poolside, distinguish an entrance, or to make a big impression in a commercial environment, his designs have a statuesque and emotive presence.